Monday, 7 February 2011

Long Time No See!...♥

Can't believe how long it's been since my last blog's criminal! My apologies for the lack of blogging, but I've finally flown the nest, and had to leave the art studio and all the goodies behind! I'm all on my own with BOTH of my distress inks (Pink and green...not much I can do with those!), a collection of paw print stamps and embossing powders with no heat gun. It's a disaster! At least I have a spare room...little does my fella, Matt, know I'm going to turn it into the most bestest, kick-ass art studio ever to exist! :D I have to admire people who have a full time job and still have time to craft! I've discovered it can be quite a task! I love my job, but I'd do anything to be a full time crafter again.

However, I have been back to visit the past two days and managed to crack on with a journal and make a few little knick nacks...nothing too exciting, just to warm my mojo up.

You cannot have a blog without a photo though, so I'll take this opportunity to introduce Ron, my 4 month old ginger nut (Not a ginger gem!) who is having a munch on pink shredded paper. Seems he'll eat anything but his food. We've had him 3 weeks and have already lost game console controllers, computer mice and phone charger to the clamp of his jaws...

Promise there will be more uploads on here...just not yet since my new place isn't linked up to the 'net yet (Also explains why I'm so quiet on the UKStampers forum the past few months!!)

Happy stamping, crafting and blogging

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Apologies On The Lack Of Pretty Stuff! ♥

My 'mojo' has well and truly given up on me D: Really hoping it comes back soon before my desk has a layer of dust on it!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Monochromatic Bookmarks ♥

More Tim Holtz-ness! I'm really loving distress inks at the moment and text backgrounds and thought it would make pretty bookmarks! The stamp is by Tim too, didn't even know we had that set until I uncovered a load of them today! (However, I didn't consider the practicalities and don't want to use them incase they stain the pages of the books!) I made a pair, orange for me and pink for my Mum. A few handmade flowers, Stickles and a ribbon later they're complete!

It's also my entry for the Lots to Do Monochrome challenge :)

Hope you like it!

GC68: Red and Black ♥

I really give myself headaches sometimes. I spent 3 days working on an altered project for the Gingersnap Creations 'Red and Black' challenge, which was giving my mojo a complete block for anything else. I finished it, and all the creativity came back to me and I 'accidently' made this with red and black colours too, so decided to enter this one instead.

The quote is from the ever-fabulous Mr Holtz, and a quote from him which I adore. I always take my crafting one step further, with my favourite Elusive Images stamp tattooed on my stomach, and am thinking of getting this quote inked too. Staz-On just doesn't stay on that long! The dies are also by Mr Holtz and are heat embossed with the colours, with crackle accents on the wings.

Hope you like it! :)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Where the magic happens...♥

This is how my desk should be. It is also, how it never is! I just had to take a photo to remember how peaceful, how calm it looks rather than the bombsite it usually is. I forgot I had a craft mat under there!!

And this sight is even rarer...both mine and my Mum's desks are tidy! I love having our craft desks facing each other, we can spend whole afternoons just laughing and hardly crafting. It's also good for getting second opinions, or "Mum I've bodged it again!" moments! We share most of the materials, but the alcohol inks and glitter are out of bounds for me, I wonder why...! And yes, that is the craft sheet on my Mum's table that I wrecked making my ATC's!

GC71: Inchies ♥

My first 3D(ish) project on my blog! This week the Gingers at Gingersnap Creations are looking at Inchies, and I've made this photoframe with my favourite photo of my Ozzy and I playing in the garden :) It's 4x4, with the photo at 2x2.  The blue is the metallic Brilliance, and the white was where I scratched the ink off with a 'Pokey' tool.

Hope you like it!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Week 32 Tag ♥

More terrible photography! Will get better ones tomorrow I promise :)

The components this week were fabric (which fills me with fear I must admit), dots and a crown. The bunting and ribbon are fabric, one of the pieces has dots on, and the naughty little pup wearing the crown! Definitely sums him up I think ;)